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Craving Donuts? Enjoy them à la carte!

Are you craving a sweet pastry indulgence? Surprise yourself with a healthy and fruitful alternative; the Donut Peach!

The Donut  peach  is a white-fleshed stone fruit with an unusually flat shape . It is much juicier and sweeter than standard peaches. Unlike other peaches, the fruit blossoms out from the sides rather than growing evenly around the stone.


Donut peaches stand out among peaches thanks to their smooth, almost glossy, yellow skin overlaid with a red blush – perfect for those who prefer their peaches without fuzz. They have creamy flesh and a tiny nut-sized stone.

Taste of perfection

Donut peaches are extremely juicy and have a fragrant, delicate flavor with almond overtones. Because they are smaller than other peaches, their juiciness is packed in tightly. Donut peaches are also lower in acid than other peaches, which makes them taste sweeter for longer!

 What’s under the skin?

Peaches have extraordinary health benefits . This summertime favorite is a good source of the powerful antioxidants lycopene and lutein. These are especially beneficial in preventing heart disease, macular degeneration and cancer. Peaches also contain fibre which aids digestion and Vitamins C and A which promote healthy skin.  Each donut peach contains 60 calories, featuring 16g of Carbs (5% DV), 3g of fiber (12%DV), Vitamin A &C (15% DV each) and 12g of Sugar.

Easy ways to eat more Donut peaches

Enjoy them à la carte, or add to blueberries, ginger, lemon juice and thyme for a cancer-fighting fruit salad. Y may also use as a topping on your Greek Yogurt, mash into a “marmalade” with maple syrup and butter and serve over pork chops or make into a healthful muffin mix with grated zucchini. The ways to indulge are endlessly sweet and healthful. So stack ’em up and indulge in summer’s sweetness!!!

Where to find them

We’d be featuring these in our Rainbow Plus deliveries this week  so be on the look out!  These delicious gems are also currently up for sale at your local GTA grocery store.

Select and store

Choose donut peaches which are firm and plump and yield slightly to pressure. They should have a delightful perfume and rosy hue. Ripen at room temperature and then chill before eating.


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