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The Fruitfulness Formula @ Google

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This first Friday of February ushers in our first edition of Fruitful Fridays, Fruitperks’ monthly health and wellness feed.

We are eager to introduce you to our company with a vibrant example of our vision in action which will surely whet your appetite with the health-full benefits of a FruitPerks Workplace program.

This weekABC Nightline aired an episode that perfectly captures how the Google workplace executes what we call the Fruitfulness Formula

Healthy Perks = Healthy People = Healthy Performance

 Google Nudges

 Click here to Watch the Video





So how can the FruitPerks program replicate some of the benefits experienced in the Google workplace?  A detailed glance at our “Fruitfulness Formula”  below captures the highlights.

FF image


The FruitPerks program is a win-win for all! Interested in seeing how FruitPerks will benefit your workplace? We make it easy for you with 50% off a 2-week trial.

Have more questions? We are an e-mail or phone call away. So get engaged, and enjoy all the benefits of a healthy, engaged, loyal, and productive workforce.

Do have a fruitful February!




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