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12 things you never knew about eggs

Eggs are an ever-popular staple in meals that boast a variety of nutrients and protein.

We eat them at all times of day, frying them up for our favorite breakfast omelet. Despite how often we eat this protein powerhouse, you'd be surprised to find that there's a whole lot more to discover about this remarkable food.

1.) Eggs are a tremendous ingredient to add to just about any meal. Since they can be prepared in so many ways.

2.) You can spin an egg to tell if it is raw or hard-boiled. Since the hard-boiled egg is filled with solids rather than liquids it will spin easily. A raw egg will wobble because the liquids are still present.

3.) This is due to their high content of cysteine, which helps to break down the cause of the hangover. Eggs also help to get rid of the toxins that alcohol leaves behind.

4.) Chickens aren't the only birds who lay eggs. Eggs can come from goose, ostrich, duck or quail.

5.) If you place an egg in a tall glass of water and it sinks, then it is safe to eat because it means that the yolk is still heavy. Egg yolks shrink as they age and this creates air bubbles. If the egg floats, then it is time to throw it out.

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6.) Chicken eggs come in more colors than white and brown. Different breeds of chickens produce different colors. Some eggs can even appear blue, blue-green, reddish brown or speckled.

7.) An average hen can lay 250 to 279 eggs per year.

8.) Vitamin D is generally associated with the sun, but you can get 10 percent of your daily intake by eating an egg.

9.) Eggs have 7 to 17,000 tiny pores on their shells. They also can absorb odors in the fridge, so make sure to keep them in the carton.

10.) The plant pigments in a hen's feed affect the color in the yolk in a certain way. Natural yellow or orange substances like marigold petals can be used to enhance the color of the yolk.

11.) In China, approximately 160 billion eggs are produced a year, while the US produces about 65 billion eggs a year.

12.) Eggs have all the essential vitamins you need except for Vitamin C, and they also contain all the essential proteins and minerals that your body needs.

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