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Six Simple Steps to Grow Your Business Brand For Free

Hello, everyone. I am very excited today to talk with you about six simple steps to grow your brand, and I'm going to show you how to do this for free. I believe that right now there is a unique opportunity in the marketplace to truly grow brands and become somebody of influence who can truly create your own future, but it's important that once you decide on your brand that you understand that your primary focus needs to be in the promotion and marketing of that brand. Your job is to grow your following or grow your tribe or grow your raving fans. You're going to do that through all the digital channels that are available to you and your objective is to build a significant network of contacts of people who are loyal and who are excited to do business with you. Let's talk a little bit about how this is going to work.

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Social Media Strategy

First of all, the objective is grow your brand. What needs to become your social media strategy? The reality is it's as simple as posting, posting stuff on your site, posting stuff on your Facebook, posting stuff on Google Plus, posting stuff all over the Internet. The key is your posts need to truly reflect your brand and they need to actually communicate what your expertise is or what the values that you offer to the marketplace. You can do this by sharing valuable content. You don't have to create it all. There's so much content available, just make it available and an easy resource for people or also taking a long article and giving a little commentary in and an overview and highlighting certain areas and then sharing it. Become a valuable resource to people. The objective is to attract like-minded people through your channels who are interested in what it is that you have to offer. You also have an opportunity to make very important contributions to the different communities that are online where people that are like you and your potential customers are looking for this information. This is another key to building a quality loyal following.

A following is a group of people that willing to not only to do business with you but share what you have to offer with other people because they see value in it. Just like Twitter. Let me give you a quick example. The truth is if you we're really trying to grow a brand, you want to do it for free, you should be tweeting at least three times a day. When I say this a lot of people go, What do I tweet about? Find stuff that's interesting to your prospects and the people that you're looking to attract, and again, make it available to them. Just find it, put it together and submit it. You don't even have to create it. If you don't know what hash tags are that's the little pound sign. It's important that you learn how to use those. You can just Google how. It's very simple. Because this is a way for you to build and engage other people who are influential in the actual market space that you're in, so it's very important. My good friend from Android TV Boxes agrees that this is a great course of action. They may not be exactly in my line of work nonetheless their guidance is always excellent.


Also, Facebook. Listen, you need to have a Facebook page for your business. It's just not optional. In this, though, the key to engage to people is to ask open ended questions. Another thing that you can do is share those quotes, share pictures, share things that are of interest to the people that you're trying to attract, and then also provide them with tips, techniques, and show them how they can get access to this information, and of course, without being salesy, cheesy, things like that, show them how they can lead back to your website to even get more content but sure that you have valuable stuff there for them. Then, give them a reason to want to follow you, to want to join you, to want to like your Facebook page, to want to become one of your friends in your Google Plus circle, whatever it is. Make sure you are providing that to them.

Google Plus

Speaking of Google Plus, this is a phenomenal resource that is really underutilized because most people are just stuck on Facebook. Let me tell you something, Google is a phenomenal way to truly improve your search engine results because Google, the biggest search engine out there obviously owns Google Plus, and their content ranks very highly. It's a way for you to be able to get yourself ranked and get you information out where people can find. It's a great way to be able to share your information with the different circles that you're involved with. Do not blow it off. It's a phenomenal resource.


Pinterest is one that there's a lot of interest in Pinterest, but also there's a lot of people that just think what a waste of time. It's literally the fastest growing social network out there today. It's a super easy way to have your content go viral. The key is to make sure you have the right photo and a compelling caption, and then have it link back to your website. This can drive traffic and increase your views literally faster than you can imagine and it's one of the greatest resources on the Internet today, but most people think it's just a silly game for college kids. Nothing could be further from the truth. That's just what you put in your mind because you haven't done the homework to research it.

Your Website.

Next is your website. Listen, it's imperative that you have a place for people to be able to opt in or join your email list. It's imperative that you have RSS feeds because this is a way for you to be able to deliver your content directly to your readers inbox and invite them to be able to be regular viewers and also allow them to be able to share the content with other people that they know. It's important that all the icons that you have for your website, like your RSS feed, your Facebook, your Google, your Pinterest, your email, opt-in page, that needs to be literally visible on every page of your website because once somebody sees something that's of interest to them you don't want them to have to go search to how to be able to connect with you. It's imperative that your very best content should all be on your website because that should be your home. That is home base where people come to learn more about the value that you provide them. It's important that it doesn't just have your picture and your personal information and your blog post. It also has to have articles that people can learn from, and then share your experiences and get a little personal, let people know things that you're doing personally because people like to do business with people that they believe, like, and trust, and people like to do business with people that they feel they have a connection with. Do not neglect this opportunity to be able to share to your tribe, to your consumer base, to your prospects what it is that you have that they can relate to on this journey of doing business with you.

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A lot of times I think people think when they're creating a brand it's about me and it's for me. The brand is for them to get to know about you. It's important that you share your blogs and your posts on as many bullet marking sites as possible. Some people might be thinking this is [inaudible 00:07:09]. There are very simple things you can do, you just need to get into action activity of doing them like StumbleUpon, Digg, or even Delicious. There's also a great resource for bloggers where you can share one another, it's content called Triberr. I'm telling right now there are a thousand others. You say that's the problem, there are too many. Just pick a few that you like and be consistent with them. That is the key.

Content Schedule

Then, you need to have a content schedule. What the heck do I mean by that? The fact is that the biggest part of your marketing requires content and the creation of original content. Your job is to become a content provider and you have to have a simple way of systemizing and getting this out as a schedule. There are so many programs that can do this for you. It's very simple. You can even use a HootSuite or different things like that that would just help you be able to do this. You have to embrace 100% the idea of I am going to create valuable content and then I'm going to use that content to drive traffic to my website which will allow me to be a brand that becomes recognizable and a brand that people look to. When you create this schedule it's basically just saying how often and when is your content going to go out to the different platforms. I know that sometimes that people find it very difficult to find balance between life and work, especially if you're branding yourself because it becomes almost part of every action you do. Let me tell you something, there are absolute strategies to automate and outsource all these processes. That's one of the things that I do offer, train, and teach on because the idea is to have time and lifestyle and not have to do everything yourself. The reality of it is you need to be diligently growing your following and it can be done in simple step-by-step bites every single day and you can actually automate and outsource it. It's very simple to do, but these are the six steps, in my opinion, if you truly want to grow your brand and how you can do it for absolutely free.

I want to thank you for letting me share with you. Remember, success is a choice. Have a great day.

To Your Success!

Special Thanks - Thanks a lot for the proofread 🙂 I am just the worst speller.

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