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Legally Steal Other Peoples Work Get Paid. Repurpose Existing Content.

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Today I am excited to be able to share with you a simple concept called: How to Legally Steal Other Peoples Work & Get Paid to do it. Sound interesting? The actual concept is about Repurposing Existing Content. I am going to go through this in a way that I hope it will make sense to you but also show you how you can take things that are of interest to you that other people have created and designed and how you can actually get paid by making it your own by repurposing it.

The Dos

Lets get right into this. I am going to talk a little bit about some of the Dos and Donts and just some of the tips and tricks on how to actually do this in a very effective way. First of all, it is really important that you understand that your job is to provide in-depth and unique perspective to whatever the topic is that you are going to be talking or writing or podcasting about. Now, what do I mean by this, so let me give you just a quick example. Let's say that you just read a very interesting article on say Fly fishing and it is something that is of interest to you. Now what you can do is actually take that article, highlight the things that we're of interest to you and then write in your own personal life experiences into it, find some other studies off the internet and things like that, put it all together and create your own unique content. This allows you to basically repurpose other peoples work but actually make it your own work. It is important that you understand, do not copy and paste other peoples articles, that is copyright infringements, it's tacky, it's classless and it is not a way to create and build your own brand.

The other thing that you want to do when you are republishing other peoples content is add value. When you recreate this content, find something that is of interest to you. Things that will benefit your target market and then actually provide them with access to that information. Pick out things that have worked and that are of interest to you and leave out things that didnt. You don't have to copy articles obviously the idea is to create it and make it your own.

The whole idea behind this article came to me while browsing around on and even though they are sign companys I figured it's a situation a lot of people might possibly benefit from.

Also what's really important here is that not all people consume information the same way. Some people prefer reading, other people prefer videos and other people prefer podcasts. The point is you can any way you want as long as you are offering a different perspective on it. Also I heard people saying you are being lazy when you repurpose content. No you are not. You are being smart, you are leveraging yourself and you are taking a lot of other peoples efforts and making it your own. It is actually a brilliant way to do business. Also you have to understand our objective is create different types of learning styles that are out there and to your customers and your potential prospects. It is all about giving people what they want. One of the greatest challenges people face is creating engaging and interesting content which is why I say make it your goal to find engaging and creative content that is already out there and then just take the part that you like and make it your own.

Reusing content also is a welcomed time saver and you will find and it will help you quickly get more information out to your potential prospects and customer base and it's also about introducing fresh information to your new perspective clients. It is really just way to build and do things and some other ways that you can repurpose content is take something that is really in depth and turn into bullet points or to a numbered list. One hundred and one best ways to fly fish or whatever it is by making things into bullets like that it is really an easy way for people to really understand and know what it is.

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Another way that you can repurpose content is to create a podcast. This is great with already existing content because you take and highlight it and then you turn it into your talking points and just you having a conversation and talking to your audience well you will be able to make it into a podcast. It is always great for podcast for people who are on the go and for people who prefer to hear what you say instead of actually read about it. I personally love to listen to podcast. They are also a great way to connect with your potential prospects and customers and they definitely extend your reach and sometimes you will find that people don't actually have time to read, they do have time to listen and they will do it on a commute or they will put on their headphones when they go to the gym so it is just a really good way to be able to reach your market. It is also something that people who are visually impaired used podcasts extensively. It allows you to be able to extend your reach and also offer a valuable service into that particular market segment so it is just another way to repurpose content.

Also you can produce a video. Videos are awesome because they allow you the opportunity to be able to communicate with your potential prospects, customers or other people that you are working with. It allows you to visually capture their attention and make it more interesting. We always say that a picture is worth a thousand words so what does that make a video? Also you can make how to articles and turn them into videos and people love that and it is a great way for you to enhance your exposure, it is phenomenal for the search engines. The search engines really love video and it helps get your content some other audience that maybe would have otherwise missed it. I urged Fame diamonds to start doing videos to boost their web presence. I hope they follow though with this solid advice.

This also goes the same for webinars. Make it a webinar and you can do this exact same process because people love webinars. They like to get the information their own pace. Also transcribe all your podcasts and videos into webinars but also have them all be all be actual content that you are providing as well. You content from this point forward should consist of podcast videos and webinars and of course transcribing them that you actually get yourself higher ranking within the search engines. This will also allow you to be able to reach customers who have hearing impairments. It is also for people who prefer to read or skim information. It is just another way to be able to help them to have access what it is that you are offering. I say it is your job to gain the advantage of adding extra information and links to your products and services. People want to be able to dig and do homework given the resource to do it.

Next one is bite-sized content. What I mean by that. People tend to write really long or they publish like an e-book or maybe a white paper, well you know what, consider breaking it up into a series of blog posts or articles. The shorter the pieces in my opinion, it is easier for people to digest. They are more likely to read it and then it allows you to be able to provide a motivational factor for them to download or purchase an additional information or full publication. Just break it down to bite-sized content. People can hang onto it better in that way anyway.

Make stats and data visual. Men you know when people put stats or they put all these data and it's got all these numbers and these graphs that are just like line items and stuff, it doesn't make sense to do that. No more boring charts, no more mundane data graphs and listing, instead turn that type of content that other people have done into visually appealing and informative presentations because you will find that if you do that people will relate more to you. It is just another thing that you could actually do. You will also find that you will add search engine appeal and you will also get people who I call brand followers and these are people who love the sheer messages and social networks out there talking about what you do because you are providing them visually appealing information data and so it is important that you've got good content, visually appealing images and provide an engaging message or an engaging story.

Last but not least: Find quotes & 3rd party sources. This is super important. Any time that you can find a 3rd party where you can find quotes that you can actually put into your presentation and stuff, it does a few things: 1. It is almost like implied endorsement even though it's not but it's also, it let's people know that you are on track and also it allows you to be able to tag in your SEO marketing the people that quote what you are doing thereby giving an additional level or possible search ranking. The idea is that do whatever you have to do to be able to make sure that you have lots of content out there on the internet.

Success is a Choice!!

I hope you found how to legally steal other peoples work and get paid and how to repurposed existing content to be a useful presentation for you. I want you to remember: Success is a choice. Have a great day.

Cheers to Your Success

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