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How to Properly Wash a Car

Sunny and windy Sunday mornings shouldn't be wasted on just bumming around the house, sitting on your favorite couch as you mindlessly surf the channels on TV. Forget the idea of a lazy Sunday for a minute. Get off that bum and make something out of a good weekend why not give your car a good washing?

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The first thing to remember about car washing is the amount of water you'll need. 20 years ago, this would not have been a problem. But since the threat of dwindling fresh water supplies all over the world is increasing, it's our responsibility to keep our water consumption in check. Set aside the amount of water you're going to need; don't be wasteful, but don't be too stingy either. Depending on your vehicles make, model, and how and where you use it, you're probably going to need a couple buckets of water to do the job right.


Now park your car on a flat, level spot that's shaded from the sun; this'll make the job easier for you. Next, make sure that you use the proper kind of soaping agent some service shops use a combination of shampoo and water to create the perfect, softest lather for car washing. You can use that option to save on a couple bucks. But if you can afford it, find some soap that's specially designed for the job. Don't ever use detergent soap as it may contain scrubbing granules that might damage your paint job.


Next, you're going to need some clean rags to wipe that car down. We suggest starting from the roof, working your way down to the sides and eventually to the tires. Lather up and wipe in even, circular motions. If your arms are getting tired, alternate wiping between both hands. Think of the calories you'll be burning. That's two birds with one stone: a good car wash as well as a good workout.


If you encounter any hard spots of concentrated grime, make sure to water them down first before wiping with a lathered-up rag this'll reduce the risk of hard, stuck-up dirt from accidentally scratching your car as you wipe. Some paint removers can help in breaking down these spots, but be careful with the amount you're using to avoid chemical damage.

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Before washing the windshields, raise the wipers to get them out of the way. If you've a set of window cleaners, make the same even, circular wiping motions to lather up one side of your windshield. With a cleaning squeegee, wipe off the lathered area towards whichever side of the windshield you're working on. Then simply repeat this process on the other side of the windshield to get it completely clean and clear.

Now get down and dirty by brushing those tires clean with a durable brush and the same lather you're already using. After that, it's just a matter of rinsing the entire car off and letting it dry. Have fun!

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