Our Realty Perks help real estate professionals express gratitude to their clients in a timely, tasty, and truly memorable way!

Begin to enjoy the reality of Fresh, Functional and Fruitful gratitude with us.

 Complimentary  fresh whole fruits at  your open house events*    Customized gift packaging to reflect your unique branding  

 Convenient split billing for multiple professionals gifting for a single real estate transaction*

*see current offers for details

Realty Perks

Our complimentary hosting package secures that unique touch of hospitality and fruitfulness that makes an open house visit memorable.

Price $0 / $10/ $20 if purchased with a realty package

This healthful gift is timely, tasty and truly memorable and you also grow referrals and repeat business fruitfully!

Price $35 (S) $55(L)

Close your homes with a rainbow of fruitfulness! This package features an array of staple and exotic fruits that leave a truly memorable impression of your awesome service!

Price $55 (S) $75 (L)

This package showers your clients with fruitfulness and wishes for a healthy and prosperous start in their new homes!

Price $75 (S) $95(L)

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