The two-week trail provides an amazing opportunity for you to try out FruitPerks in the workplace  at 50% off.   We will be on-site during the trials to create awareness,  answer  questions, and promote the benefits that can be gained in employee engagement, increased loyalty  improved health, and increased productivity.  So what do you get:
  • Two crates of either the Sunshine Plus/ Perks Packages which contain 30+ servings of fruit each. We will provide one crate per week.
So How do you get the fruit?
  • We bring it right to your office, ensuring freshness and convenience .
How do I get started?
  • You can simply order one online, or call us if you have additional questions.
At FruitPerks we believe that everyone should be able to safely enjoy high quality fruit and vegetables.  We take the following steps to reduce the risk that allergens do not contaminate the fruits and vegetables we provide: We only source our fruits from certified produce suppliers and farmers in Ontario.  We consistently ensure that no allergens come in contact with our produce during packaging and delivery. We separately bag our berries, and all other fruits are separated by dividers within the fruit crates   Despite our best efforts, there always remains a small risk that our produce may  be exposed to products that contain allergens in the suppliers’ warehouse or in the environment where we offer our services. However, because even the smallest risk is not worth taking, we manage the residual risk by: Clearly labeling our fruit crates with labels depicting "WASH ME" advising the consumer to wash each fruit prior to eating.  
  • Our crates are conveniently suited for propping on a breakroom table, and fruits can be selected from the crates as desired,
  • We do not wash our fruits before packaging them. Why? We believe washing them makes them prone to spoiling quickly, so we only remove any obvious dirt prior to packaging. So DO WASH before consumption.
  • Due to the popularity of our FruitPerks packages, it is very rare that you would have any fruits left over in a busy office. In the event that this does happen, we always line our crates with FDA approved produce bags which preserve the freshness of fruits longer. All you have to do is to tie the produce bag and pop the crate in a refrigerator or leave it in the break area for next-day consumption.
Interested in making FruitPerks a permanent workplace benefit? We make it easy and affordable by offering you 10% off all recurring orders. You also enjoy the following benefits:
  • you receive  a free Bright Perks crate EVERY MONTH that you order up to eight crates of any of our regular sized FruitPerks @ Work Packages. If you regularly order our small crates, you'd receive a free Bright Perks crate every other month.5% off Meeting Perks
    • Most of our customers enjoy this benefit by ordering at least one crate of  a Fruit @Work Package every Monday & Wednesday.
  • Free delivery all year long when you choose late night or late morning delivery times.
  • Free delivery and 5% off for all Fruit Gift Packages ordered by your employees or office.
    • Note that deliveries must be made to the workplace location on a FruitPerks delivery day for us to waive the delivery fee.
  • Subscription to our Fruitful Feeds. You provide us a single group e-mail account and we send the most current workplace health and wellness tips to encourage consistent embrace of all things fresh and healthy in the workplace and beyond.
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The recurring FruitPerks @ Work packages offer a consistent , convenient, and cost-effective way for workplaces to maximize the benefits of the FruitPerks program.  
  • How it's Established:
Once you have completed your trial, we work with you to determine your initial order quantity and delivery frequency. Once this is established, we will keep delivering and charging based on the original frequency.  
  • Changes:
You may change your package at anytime, and the billing adjustment will take efect in 48 hours.   
  • Cancellations:
Our recurring packages are always discounted by 5%.  If you decide to cancel a recurring order anytime within 3-months of your initial order, we require that you retroactively pay the full-price for all previous packages in the past three months.  For example, if your recurring order is for two (2) Sunshine Perks packages weekly, your will be billed $100 weekly vs. $110. Over a period of 3 months (12 weeks), you would have saved $60.
  • If in the 6th week you decide to cancel, we will require that you pay $30 at the time of cancellation.
  • If in the 14th week, you decide to cancel, we will require that you pay $10 ($5/week above the 3- month time frame) at the time of your cancellation.
At FruitPerks, safety and quality are extremely important to us.  To maintain the promise of our brand,
  •  We only partner with fruit suppliers who comply with all the food and safety laws of Canada. 
  • We are licensed in and comply with the highest standards of food handling and safety practices in .
  • We source our fruits daily to maximize freshness, safety and quality.
  • We inspect each fruit prior to delivery and affix food safe label/stickers  requiring you to "Wash then Enjoy".
  • We package the variety of fruit in the highest quality FDA approved polyethylene bags to maintain freshness and protect against moisture, dust and contaminants. We then seal the bags and place them in a reusable plastic crate to prevent contamination during delivery.
FruitPerks is the clear choice for workplace fruit delivery because:
  • We truly enjoy what we do, and you benefit from our passion for fruit
  • We only provide you the safest, freshest, best quality fruit in season
  • Our process is simple, transparent and convenient
  • We can deliver to all your locations in the Greater Toronto Area
  • Our prices reflect an amazing value and quality
  • We provide valuable health and wellness information to encourage a healthy lifestyle beyond the workplace 
  • Our service is as fresh and welcoming as our fruit
We guarantee that you'd love our fruit and service!  
At FruitPerks, single-serving fruits are fruits that come naturally packaged to be consumed for one individual e.g. bananas, apples, citrus fruits, pears, berries and grapes. We believe single-serving fruits are best suited for the workplace delivery baskets because they:
  • are easy to consume with no processing required
  • limit waste; one size fits all 
  • they have a longer shelf life and maintain their integrity at room temperature.
  • For Fresh Fruit Gift Packages:
Deliveries are free if going to a workplace location that we already service, otherwise delivery charges apply.  
  • For FruitPerks @ Work :
Delivery charges are included in the cost of the product Deliveries will occur based on the frequency requested.  Daily, twice - weekly, weekly and bi-weekly recurring services are available on a convenient recurring basis.  Deliveries can be made the night before intended consumption if the workplace has security on site, and also early/ later in the morning.
We are located in Oakville, and generally service the Greater Toronto Area including the following cities:
  • Ancaster
  • Brampton
  • Burlington
  • Halton Hills
  • Hamilton
  • Milton
  • Mississauga
  • Oakville
  • Stoney Creek
  • Toronto
  • Vaughan
  • Waterdown
Please call us if your city is not listed but you think it's within our radius: we'll go the extra mile for the sake of wholesome fruit! 
 The value and benefits of our product is unsurpassed and we are confident that the FruitPerks Program would be your favorite workplace perk.
  • We have a no contract policy! Call us at least 48 hours before your scheduled delivery to make any changes or cancellations to your order.
  • We keep your costs predictable and transparent. You always pay the same price all year round.
  • We delight in your satisfaction, so if you are dissatisfied with any of the fruit delivered, please call us on the day delivered, and we will replace the fruit(s) on our next scheduled delivery date.
  • If you decide to cancel your recurring order at anytime, no worries, we only ask that you retroactively pay the full price for all previous packages if you've been with us less than three months.
We take pride in the quality and variety of our produce because it's the only way we can keep our customers reaping the benefits of the FruitPerks program.  You will always receive the freshest fruit available at any point in time. If our doting eyes happen to blink and you get a damaged fruit in your delivery, be rest assured that we will be making up for it on our next delivery day.  
It depends!  
  • We closely monitor severe weather alerts to ensure that your fruit reaches you before a severe weather storm. In the event that we are unable to, we promptly make it up the following business day that you don't normally receive fruit. For example, if you receive your fruit on Mondays and Wednesdays, and it snows on a Monday, you will receive your make up fruit on Tuesday, and your regular delivery will commence again on Wednesday.
  • If you receive fruit daily, we will call you to see if you will like  the missed fruit delivered in addition to the next days' fruit. If you decline, you will be credited for the cost of the missed delivery. 
  • The world of produce sourcing is still divided on this topic. We have done our research, and our stance is to offer both options. To ensure the safety and nutritional quality of our fruits, we only partner with reputable organic and conventional fruit suppliers who comply with all the food and safety laws of Canada. 
  • Please refer to this Canadian Produce Marketing Association's (CPMA) Fact Sheet for more information:
Yes we do! We do anything possible to encourage the consumption of healthy fruit. Please visit our Current Offers for an updated listing of all offers.
This applies to FruitPerks @ Work Packages only. All missed recurring deliveries will be made up for within the same week either by delivering earlier in the week or on the next business day.  Workplaces that receive their fruit daily are an exception to this policy, the cost of the missed delivery will be credited on the weekly invoice. For example:
  • If you regularly receive fruit on Mondays and Wednesdays, during Thanksgiving week in October, you will receive your fruit on Tuesday and Thursday.
  • If Christmas day falls on a Friday, and you receive your fruit weekly on Fridays, we will arrange for your fruit to be delivered  earlier in the week.
  • If you receive fruit daily, on Family Day in February, you will be credited for a day of missed delivery.
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