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Understand Why FruitPerks Works and experience the Fruitfulness Formula.

Select a two-week trial package (Sunshine Perks/Plus only) at 50% off.

We will work closely with you during the trial to gauge workplace reception, answer questions, and promote the benefits of the FruitPerks program.

If you’re happy with the trial you may select a recurring FruitPerks @ Work package that best fits your needs. 

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All recurring FruitPerks packages come with a valuable and recurring 10% offer. See our Pricing Pledge for all our policies.

Select a recurring FruitPerks Package that provides at least two to four servings of fruit/person/week.

We primarily deliver our recurring packages twice -a week, on Mondays and Wednesdays. Daily, weekly and  bi-weekly recurring frequencies are also available.

We require 48 hours’ notice before your first order. Delivery quantities and frequency can be changed at any time, and will take effect in 48 hours

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We take pride in our passion for always providing the best quality fresh fruit variety for your nourishment.

We are licensed in and practice the highest standards of food handling safety. We inspect each fruit prior to safely packaging them in food grade, reusable plastic containers for delivery.

 We deliver to various cities in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Please refer to our service area listing for more details.

You may choose to have your fruit conveniently delivered the night before, or during the day between 8am and 2pm. 

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We have a no-contract policy and our prices are fixed through the seasons.

We accept all forms of payment except cash. You can pay conveniently online for all our packages at the time of your order, and also securely authorize  recurring payment services for FruitPerks @ Work packages.

Invoicing for recurring FruitPerks packages, are provided electronically, in sync with your delivery frequency (e.g bi-weekly), but no more than once a week.

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