At FruitPerks, we believe in the Fruitfulness Formula. We provide a simple input, healthy perks, and you enjoy healthy people and a healthy performance .

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Nature’s single-serving fruits are the freshest, healthiest and most nutritious workplace perk! We love to see FruitPerks in the workplace because:

FruitPerks is a fresh, fun, healthy, convenient, and affordable way to appreciate employees. We only deliver single-serving fruits (e.g. apples, bananas)  to the workplace. These are mess free, so simply rinse and bite into fresh wholesome goodness!

FruitPerks promote and support immediate healthy choices that result in improved long-term health and wellness.  Readily available fresh fruit provides an opportunity to make healthy choices and creates a desire to make better eating choices beyond the workplace. 

Everyone loves it…FruitPerks boosts workplace morale and exhibits an impressive commitment to positive workplace practices. This is a win – win for all! We guarantee fresh, wholesome, goodness at an amazing value!

Interested in seeing how FruitPerks will be received in your workplace? See the benefits of the Fruitfulness Formula and experience it in your workplace with our 2-week, 50% off Trial Offer.

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