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  • Interested in making FruitPerks a permanent workplace benefit?
  • We make it easy and affordable by offering you 5% off all recurring orders.
  • You also enjoy the following benefits:
    • you receive  a $35 FruitPerk Gift Voucher to use towards a Bright Perks crate (or Meeting Perk) for every $400 you spend on our FruitPerks @ Work Packages. That's a free Bright Perks crate every quarter for customers receiving FruitPerks only once a week.
    • 5% off  Meeting Perks
    • Free delivery all year long when you choose late night or late morning delivery times.
    • Free delivery and 5% off for all Fruit Gift Packages ordered by your employees or office.
      • Note that deliveries must be made to the workplace location on a FruitPerks delivery day for us to waive the delivery fee.
    • Employee Wellness Survey to help target the content of customized FruitPerks news feeds.
    • Subscription to our Fruitful Feeds. You provide us a single group e-mail account and we send the most current workplace health and wellness tips to encourage consistent embrace of all things fresh and healthy in the workplace and beyond.
    • Optional Free Annual Wellness report beginning bench-marking  healthcare costs, and employee opinions over a 12 month period of incorporating the FruitPerks @ Work program. 
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  • This package provides as amazing opportunity for you to try out FruitPerks in the workplace over a two-week period at 50% off.
  • Plus, we will be on-site during the trials to create awareness,  answer  questions, and promote the benefits that can be gained in employee engagement, increased morale,  improved health, and increased productivity.
  • Refer to our FruitPerks @ Work packages  for a description of the packages available in this offer (Sunshine Perks and Sunshine Plus)
  • Note that a workplace can take advantage of this trial offer only once.
Love our conveniently packaged Goody 2 Fruity Packs? You can now enjoy them in the workplace too!
Quantity: 100 individually (3 fruit/vegetable serving) perk packs. 
Frequency: Recurring monthly
Cost Annually: $3000 per year ( $250 per month ) ($30 per employee / year)
  1. Initial Employee Wellness Survey to help target the content of news feeds
  2. Free Delivery
  3. Specified recurring day e.g. First Fridays of every month
  4. Packaged in produce preserving, food safe packaging
  5. Weekly "Fruitful Feeds" featuring local healthy activities/opportunities, fitness tips, health recipes, etc.
  6. 5% off all employee personal basket orders ( must be delivered to office address)
  7. 5% off Eaton's Meeting Perks and Fruit Basket offers
  • Free Annual Wellness report - We truly believe that the workplace can be an effective intervention site for health and wellness, that is why we recommend a consistent and recurring program for your workforce. To create this report  we will require a beginning benchmark of healthcare costs and also at the end of 12 calendar months. Our hope is to show the financial effect of the information and nutrition promotion in the work place, and help your team measure the value of the FruitPerks @ work program.
  • Each pack can be customized with your logo for an additional $25 per order. If customizing, 2 weeks advance notice is required for the initial order.
Our Realty Perks help real estate professionals express gratitude to their clients in a timely, tasty, and truly memorable way! Our Services include:  Complimentary  fresh whole fruits at  your open house events*    Convenient deliveries at closing or shortly after   Customized gift packaging to reflect your unique branding    Convenient split billing for multiple professionals gifting for a single real estate transaction^ *A pre-purchased Realty Perk is required at the time of booking your complimentary hosting. You will receive a full refund if the home is not sold. ^You can split the cost of the gift with your Mortgage Broker, Lawyer, and /or Realtor. Not available with online orders. Unique Features: Meticulously selected fresh fruits  Reusable Giftware  Breathable Packaging  Customized with your branded promotional items How to Place your Order: Order Online  Call us at 1-877-378-4817  Send a Realty Perks Order Form  to  Need something unique? Call us, we'll work hard to meet all your fruiting needs!
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Multiple Recipients? Upload your Realty Perks Order Form. Once submitted, we will create an invoice and contact you for payment .

Special Instructions

  • Are you seeking for a way to encourage your workplace to embrace health and wellness? We have the perfect opportunity!
  • Gather at least 15 of your workplace friends, and complete our Fruitfulness Survey for a chance for your workplace to win a free Sunshine Perks fruit crate, that's a $55 value!!!
  • If your workplace decides to take the 50% two week trial offer ($55 value), we will give you an additional crate of fruit (Sunshine Perks - $55).
  • That's $165 value in total... over a four-week that's what we call free fruitfulness...
  • What is needed to Qualify:
    • Your office must be located in our service area
    • Unique and valid e-mail addresses required, ending in the same domain name. Don't worry we will keep all emails absolutely confidential!
    • Come-up with a team name to help us identify your collective effort. You must all use the same team name
    • Each entry must be completed in it's entirety
  • What to Expect:
    • One company is chosen every season.
    • Winners will be announced on the last Friday of March, June, September and December
All the Best!!!    
This offer is reserved for Fresh Fruit Gift Packages that are being delivered to a workplace location that participates in our FruitPerks @ Work program. Please contact your program coordinator for the PerkCode Note that you we will only apply this code if your delivery  date is scheduled to coincide with a day we delivery fruit to your workplace.
Business Owners, Recruiters, Realtors, and Sales Managers… our Fresh Fruit Gift Packages are the perfect way to appreciate your customers. This offer allows you to get 10% off every order.  Let’s handle the details of your frequent expressions of appreciation, and you can focus on satisfying your customers. Call us at  1-877- 378-4817  to set up your account, and simply let us know whenever you need to appreciate your customers, and we promise to keep it fresh, fruitful and tasty!
  • At FruitPerks we love learning minds and teaching minds!!
  • We always offer 10% off for Schools and Teachers Perks
  • Schools (Elementary - High School) in our service area always get 10% off all our products.
  • Parent's, do you want to appreciate a teacher for going above and beyond the call of duty, use this coupon code and see the savings roll in.
  • All deliveries must be made to a registered school address and received by the Principals Office or School Council representative.
  • PerkCode “School10”
  • At FruitPerks we love healthy helpful communities!
  • We always offer 15% off for charitable organizations in our service area .
  • All deliveries must be made to the organizations publicly registered address.
  • Please call us at 1-877-378-4817 to place your order 
  • Are you hosting an event that would attract workplace human resource and benefits personnel? We are always open to opportunities to share the benefits of FruitPerks in the workplace and beyond. Call us to place a custom Meeting Perk order and get 10% off.
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