As a young professional, our Founder’s favorite workplace perk was the fresh fruit delivery program.

The arrival of fresh fruit in the workplace was always a celebrated event. A piece of fruit was the cure for tense nerves,

while providing the right nutrition to boost productivity.

FruitPerks draws from this experience and creates partnerships with individuals and workplaces to

 fulfill all their fruit needs.

Our service is simple but comprehensive; we not only deliver the best quality fruit, but we consistently provide health and

wellness information that encourages, and promotes a consistent embrace of all things healthy in the workplace and beyond.

FruitPerks  is a valuable commitment. A partnership with us communicates a powerful and deliberate choice to make health and wellness a priority. 

Partner with us and enjoy the benefits of fresh, wholesome, fruitful, goodness!

Fruitfully Yours,

The FruitPerks Team

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