Our famous goody packs feature  2- 3 serving of conveniently packaged whole-some fruit and vegetables.

They are ideal for giveaways at corporate events and are easily distributed when used as a workplace perk. We offer a variety of fruits, and our packaging can be customized to feature your logo for promotional purposes.

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Price: $2.75

Love our conveniently packaged Goody 2 Fruity Packs? You can now enjoy them in the workplace too!
Quantity: 100 individually (3 fruit/vegetable serving) perk packs. 
Frequency: Recurring monthly
Cost Annually: $3000 per year ( $250 per month ) ($30 per employee / year)
  1. Initial Employee Wellness Survey to help target the content of news feeds
  2. Free Delivery
  3. Specified recurring day e.g. First Fridays of every month
  4. Packaged in produce preserving, food safe packaging
  5. Weekly "Fruitful Feeds" featuring local healthy activities/opportunities, fitness tips, health recipes, etc.
  6. 5% off all employee personal basket orders ( must be delivered to office address)
  7. 5% off Eaton's Meeting Perks and Fruit Basket offers
  • Free Annual Wellness report - We truly believe that the workplace can be an effective intervention site for health and wellness, that is why we recommend a consistent and recurring program for your workforce. To create this report  we will require a beginning benchmark of healthcare costs and also at the end of 12 calendar months. Our hope is to show the financial effect of the information and nutrition promotion in the work place, and help your team measure the value of the FruitPerks @ work program.
  • Each pack can be customized with your logo for an additional $25 per order. If customizing, 2 weeks advance notice is required for the initial order.

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